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Hecq Jean-Henri
Dr, FNRS Senior Research Associate


Jean-Henri Hecq is a senior scientist with strong expertise in marine plankton ecohydrodynamic and modelling. Current interests focused on Antarctic and Mediterranean coastal areas and concern:

  • the control of marine plankton biodiversity and fish recruitment by environmental factors,
  • the interactions between pelagic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning,
  • the improvement of conceptual and numerical ecohydrodynamical models of the ocean pelagic ecosystem in view of determining the stability of biotic assemblages, their sensitivity to the environmental constraints and especially the response to climate changes.

In the Southern Ocean, Jean-Henri is mainly involved in projects focusing on the Terre Adelie area.

List of publications

Maes J., Van de Putte A., Hecq J.H. and Volckaert F.A.M. (2006) State dependent energy allocation in the pelagic Antarctic silverfish Pleuragramma antarticum: trade-off between winter reserves and buoyancy. Marine Ecology - Progress Series, 326: 269-282

Hecq J.H. (2003) Modélisation conceptuelle et numérique de l'écosystème planctonique océanique. Bull. Soc. Roy. Sci. Liège, 72 : 93-302

Wilmotte A., Demonceau C., Goffart A., Hecq J.H., Demoulin V. and Crossley A.C. (2002) Molecular and pigment studies of the picophytoplankton in a region of the Southern Ocean (47 to 54° S, 141 to 144 °E) in March 1998. Deep-Sea Research II, 49: 3351-3363

Goeyens L., Elskens M., Catalano G., Lipizer M., Hecq J.H. and Goffart A. (2000) Nutrient depletions in the Ross Sea and their relation with pigment stocks. Journal of Marine Systems, 27: 195-208

Goffart A., Catalano G. and Hecq J.H. (2000) Factors controlling the distribution of diatoms and Phaeocystis in the Ross Sea. Journal of Marine Systems, 27: 161-175

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Hecq Jean-Henri
Université de Liège
Département des sciences et gestion de l'environnement / Océanologie
BAT. B6 Océanologie
allée de la Chimie, 3 - 4000 Liège 1
Phone: +32 4 366 36 46 - Fax : +32 4 366 33 25

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