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Jacquet Stéphanie,
H.M. PhD student

Stéphanie is presently a PhD student at the Department of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her PhD research, entitled “Barium proxy in the Southern Ocean”, is supervised by F. Dehairs (promoter) and B. Quéguiner (co-promoter, COM, Marseille, France). Her research interests are: marine biogeochemistry, global biogeochemical cycles, biological carbon pump, barium & barite proxy of organic carbon export, mesopelagic zone mineralization, frontal systems.


List of publications

Jacquet S.H.M., F. Dehairs and S. Rintoul, 2004. A high resolution transect of dissolved barium in the Southern Ocean, Geophysical Research Letters, 31, L14301, doi: 10,1029/2004GL20016

Jacquet, S.H.M., F. Dehairs, D.B. Cardinal, J. Navez and B. Delille, 2005. Barium distribution across the Southern Ocean frontal system in the Crozet–Kerguelen Basin, Marine Chemistry, 95, 149-310.

Jacquet S.H.M., J. Navez and F. Dehairs, ICP-MS and HR-ICP-MS analyses of barium in seawater by isotope dilution, submitted to Spectrochimica Acta B.

Jacquet S.H.M., F. Dehairs, N. Savoye, M. Elskens and D. Cardinal, Barium-cycle dynamics in the Australian sector of the Southern Ocean, submitted to Marine Chemistry

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Jacquet Stéphanie
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Campus Etterbeek, ANCH
Phone : +32 2 629 39 70 - Fax : ext. 3970

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