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Kohnen, Georges
PhD student

Born in 1979 in Pétange (G.-D. of Luxembourg). Secondary studies in Luxembourg, undergraduate studies at the University of Mons from where he graduated in 2003. Since 2003, PhD student and research assistant in the group of Pr. Philippe Herquet. Advanced studies diploma in Physics (DEA) in 2005. Especially involved in databases and programming for the IceCube experiment. Trying to develop a technique allowing to reconstruct coincident muon events inside the IceCube detector.


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Kohnen Georges
Université de Mons Hainaut
Service Physique générale et physique des particules élémentaires
Bâtiment 05-Bâtiment IV- Local 2019
19, Avenue Maistriau - B-7000 Mons
Phone: +32 65 37 33 28 ou +32 65 37 33 29

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