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Sabbe, Koen
Professor, Dr.

My PhD research dealt with the taxonomy, ecology, biodiversity and biogeography of the nematofauna associated with tropical and cold-water coral structures. I am currently involved in the BIANZO II project. The main topics for my research in the Antarctic are ecology (esp. trophic position) and biodiversity of the Antarctic meiobenthos, in particular in the context of global change.


Higher education

1997-2001: Master of Science (or Licentiate) in Biology, Ghent University
Master thesis: “Biodiversity of the meio-epifauna associated with cold-water corals of the Porcupine Seabight”, Marine Biology Section UGent - Promoter: Prof. Dr. Ann Vanreusel

Additional courses

Morphology and Systematics of Chromadoria (Postgraduate International Nematology Course), UGent (academic year 2000/2001; Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Magda Vincx)

Morphology and Systematics of Enoplia (Postgraduate International Nematology Course), UGent (academic year 2001/2002; Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Magda Vincx)

Extreme Environments (Advanced Studies in Marine and Lacustrine Sciences - master science degree course), Ugent (academic year 2001/2002; Responsible: Prof. Dr. Ann Vanreusel)

Bio-Informatics, UGent (academic year 2004/2005; Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Yves Van de Peer)

Field training

Invertebrate systematics (terrestrial ecology), UGent (June 2000 in Buzenol, Belgium)

Limnology, UGent (July 2000 in Gent, Belgium)

Morphology and Systematics of the Invertebrates (marine and estuarine ecology), UGent (September 2000 in Wimereux – France)

title received on 19/06/2006
“Study of the free-living, marine nematodes associated with tropical and cold-water coral structures”, Marine Biology, Ghent University (UGent) - promoter: prof. dr. Ann Vanreusel

research topics: taxonomy, systematics, molecular phylogeny, morphology, ecology, biogeography


  • Research Programme:
    • SPSD II - Antarctica V
    • SD - Antarctica VI
  • Research group: Marine Biology Section - Biology Department, Ghent University
  • Research Projects:
    • BIANZO
    • BIANZO II: Biodiversity of three representative groups of the Antarctic Zoobenthos (link will be available soon)
  • Related (polar) activities:
    • Member of IPY - Belgian Youth Steering Committee.
    • Involved in ClicOPEN ( Impact of CLImate induced glacial melting on marine and terrestric COastal communities on a gradient along the Western Antarctic PENinsula )
    • Involved in ANDEEP-SYSTCO ( ANtarctic benthic DEEP-sea biodiversity: colonisation history and recent community patterns – SYSTem COupling)


Raes Maarten
Ghent University
Krijgslaan 281 S8 - 9000 Gent
Phone: +32 9 264 85 20 - Fax: +32 9 264 53 34

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