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Research programme
"Science for a sustainable development" (SSD)

On 4 March 2005, the Council of Ministers approved the research programme “Science for a Sustainable Development” (2005-2009) for which the federal State and the federated entities concluded a cooperation agreement.

The priority research areas are the following:

  • Energy
  • Transport and mobility
  • Agri-food
  • Health and environment
  • Climate (including Antarctica)
  • Biodiversity (including Antarctica and the North Sea)
  • Atmosphere and terrestrial and marine ecosystems (including Antarctica and the North Sea).

Within these priority research areas, the Programme encourages the submission of proposals on questions concerning standardisation.

The research must also take account of the (complexity of the) interactions between the priority research areas.

In order to better translate/operationalise the concept of sustainable development, in and between the priority areas, transversal and generic research is necessary. Accordingly, the Programme includes a "Transversal research" part.

The Belgian Science Policy will launch various calls for proposals with regard to the different research areas of the Programme, in conformity with the indicative timetable enclosed. The Belgian Science Policy now launches a first call for proposals.

Call for proposals 1

The present call fits within the research areas “Climate” and “Atmosphere”.

Closing dates

  • Expression of interest: 8 July 2005
  • Research proposals: 29 July at 15:30 hours


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