How is EUREKA functionning?

EUREKA: A flexible de-centralised structure

National Project Coordinators (NPC's)

The NPC's are, together with the EUREKA Secretariat, the operational core of the EUREKA network, the interface between participants and the EUREKA network. They also form a link with the relevant national authorities and are in close contact with their counterparts in the other EUREKA member states. Through the NPC network, the national EUREKA offices will usually be able to find suitable partners for their industry or research institutes and help them create sound projects.

EUREKA Secretariat

The Secretariat is EUREKA's central support unit located in Brussels. It gathers and distributes information on projects, runs the project database, assists the various bodies of the initiative, facilitates contacts between partners and promotes the EUREKA concept in conjunction with national authorities.

High Level Group

EUREKA's general policy is formulated and implemented by a high level group of experts appointed by the national governments and by a delegate of the European Commission.

Ministerial Conference

The Ministerial Conference is the political body of EUREKA. It decides on the general orientations and is responsible for furthering the initiative and its aims. It is composed of ministers from the member countries and a Commissioner from the European Commission.

It meets once a year to lay down the political guidelines for EUREKA's work and officially announces the new EUREKA projects launched since its previous meeting.