What is EUREKA?

EUREKA is a European initiative launched in 1985. It aims primarily to stimulate research efforts of enterprises and to develop their innovation capacity. EUREKA assists them in unifying their resources and to collaborate with research institutes for the development of advanced technologies and market oriented products.

'Bottom up' is EUREKA's ground rule. Participants have full responsibility for defining and implementing their scientific and technological co-operation projects. They make their own decisions on the best way towards new markets.

EUREKA also offers itself as a forum for direct dialogue between governments and standardisation bodies, between EUREKA participants who are in need of joint industrial standards and who are hampered either by technical, commercial or administrative obstacles.

BELSPO represents Belgium in the Eureka High Level group, the main decision-making body of this intergovernmental network, and grants an allowance for the hosting of the Eureka secretariat.

Overview of the different contact points