Taking part in EUREKA projects


EUREKA is addressed to companies who are likely to undertake research & development activities within European networks.


Long lasting and expensive research often preceeds production of commercially promissing developments. Furthermore, a technological advance in one industrial area can have stimulating effects in many other areas. For these reasons, it is often better to work in partnership and to share the research costs.


EUREKA: open procedures

The ground rule prevents unnecessary bureaucracy and provides a simple set of criteria for establishing EUREKA projects, among which:

  • involvement of at least two partners from different EUREKA member countries
  • aim at securing a significant technological advance in the product, process or service concerned
  • to be oriented towards applications in the civilian sector.

Any proposal should be presented to the National project Coordinator (NPC) who will advise and assist the applicant and handle further contacts within the EUREKA structure, thus allowing industry and research institutes to concentrate on the content and business aspects of the proposed projects.

The application procedure to establish or join a EUREKA project is very simple and so constructed that a well founded project can be up and running relatively quickly.

In the Central and Eastern European countries, a network of EUREKA National Information Points has been set up to provide the industries and researchers in these countries with any relevant information.

EUREKA: Added value

EUREKA projects and participants are eligible to carry the EUREKA Seal - an internationally recognised hallmark of excellence.

The participants will also be included in EUREKA's open database which lists by name and technological skills some 4000 of Europe's foremost companies and research institutes. As such, a EUREKA participant is marketed all over Europe and is likely to attract attention and contacts from partners searching for specific technological skills to develop new products, processes or services.

EUREKA projects have in many cases access to public financial backing for their research and development activities. The participants themselves are, however, responsible for securing adequate funding.

EUREKA also acts as a contact point and support for participants seeking access to private funding sources, such as venture capital.
EUREKA possesses considerable experience in cross-border cooperation and will assist participants who request help in drafting project contracts.