Interuniversity poles of attraction 3 (IAP)


  • Responsible(s) Federal Science Policy: Kairis Pierre-Yves, Lejour Corinne
  • Final decision of the Ministers Council: 6/11/1991
  • Duration of the research: 1/1/1992 - 31/12/1996
  • Budget: 51,613,910.79 EUR
  • Research projects: 16


The IAP programme is aimed at giving temporary impulsion and at creating interuniversity high level networks in fundamental research. The choice of these networks was made following concerted deliberations between the universities and the public administration.

This programme has three objectives:

- providing advanced research teams with a critical mass of additional human and material resources (during 5 years);
- developing or creating collaboration between these teams and laboratories and other universities active in het same field or in
allied fields;
- inserting Belgian teams into European or international networks in fundamental research.


16 networks are operational at present, with about 70 research teams.

The research networks can be classified into different categories: biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, applied sciences, social sciences, historical sciences.

Research projects:

P3/38: Plant genetics

P3/39: Catalysis

P3/40: Polymer materials

P3/41: Materials science and engineering

P3/42: Human genetics

P3/43: Radioactive ion beams

P3/44: Cellular and molecular biology

P3/45: Medical magnetic resonance

P3/46: Nonlinear phenomena and irreversible processes

P3/47: Nonlinear optics

P3/48: Materials characterization

P3/49: Sciences of interfacial and mesoscopic structures

P3/50: Robotics and industrial automation

P3/51: Electromagnetic systems

P3/52: Social dynamics of security of subsistence, well being and family structures

P3/53: Management of multiproduct firms


Pôles d'attraction interuniversitaires   SPPS, 1993 (SP0496)

Interuniversitaire attractiepolen   DPWB, 1993 (SP0497)

Interuniversity poles of attraction   SPO, 1993 (SP0498)