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Open Access Helpdesk

External users of the Orfeo Repository and Institutional Open Access Contact Persons can get assistance from the Helpdesk with regard to Orfeo via

Requests for derogations to policy rules (such as the need for protection of the publication invoked on bases of quality, strategic, security, commercial, patent-related, or privacy reasons leading to exceptional embargoes) or methodology questions may also be submitted to the Helpdesk. They will be relayed to Orfeo Committee or to the Federal Open Access Strategy Committee depending on the content.

Publishing researchers are required to negotiate the retention of rights necessary for Open Access to deposited digital copies of their publications in Orfeo or another Open Access compatible repository. If such a contract cannot be provided by the journal the Open Access Helpdesk provides annex or rider which can be added to the publication contract.

The Orfeo Helpdesk is constituted of:

  • Robert Van De Walle - BELSPO - Lawyer
  • Jean-Luc  Delberghe - BELSPO - ICT-Coordinator
  • Nadège Isbergue - KBR - Librarian
  • Eric Laureys - BELSPO- Project Administrator

The Helpdesk will itself be assisted via issue tracker by the private DSpace Service Provider @mire.

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