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> 08.03.2021 | DEFRA Information Session - Online event

DEFRA research programme (Defence-related Research Action)
The first call in the frame of the Defence-related Research Action DEFRA will see the light. The RHID and BELSPO are glad to invite you for a dedicated on-line information session on this new programme.
During this information session, the DEFRA team will guide you through the themes and modalities of this first call for proposals. You will also get the opportunity to raise your questions regarding the call.
Our target audience are researchers from both the public and private sector.
Participation in the information session is for free, but registration is required.

> 22.04.2021 | Webinar SEAD - Online event

Digitalisation and the world of work
Are you interested in the process of digitalisation and its impact on jobs, occupations and workers? Do you want to know more about automation, workplace innovation, the platform economy and the social protection of workers in the digital age? Join our free webinar on Thursday the 22nd of April!

> 04.05.2021 | COST Information session - Online event

COST Open call - Information session 2021
The Belgian COST National Contact Points (CNCs) organise on 4 May 2021 from 10:00 AM till 12:00 PM an information session via GoToMeeting for the Belgian researchers that consider handing in a proposal as 'main proposer'.

> 06.05.2021 and 07.05.2021 | KBR - International conference

Old Books and New Technologies: Medieval Books and the Digital Humanities in the Low Countries
On 6 and 7 May 2021, KBR, in partnership with the Campus Condorcet of Paris, the National Library of Luxembourg, the KB national library of the Netherlands, the universities of Ghent, Leuven, Liège, Mons and Namur, and the Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken, will be holding an international conference on medieval books and the digital humanities in the Low Countries. It will bring together representatives from libraries, museums, archives with researchers interested in the 'medieval book and new technologies'. Particular emphasis will be placed on the methodological dimension of the use of digital humanities.

Measures COVID-19
Visit our Museums during corona

Magritte Museum.

AfricaMuseum.

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

Planetarium.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

Royal Museums for Art and History.

Halle Gate.

Musical Instruments Museum.

KBR.

State Archives.

of the Federal Scientific Institutes

> till 14-03-2021 | Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

Facing Van Eyck. The Miracle of Detail
A new way of looking at Jan van Eyck's oeuvre through 20 digitized works that show you the radicality and freshness of his fascinating visual language! Thanks to pioneering digital techniques and new scientific research at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA), you can get closer to Van Eyck and his secrets than ever before.

> till 18-04-2021 | Halle Gate

Back to Bruegel
The Halle Gate, a uniquely preserved section of the medieval defensive wall of Brussels, appeals to the imagination. In 2019 it will also become a virtual gateway into Bruegel's universe. Virtual reality technology will carry you into an astonishing immersion in Bruegel's paintings. For of the masters works will come to life and transport you into the daily life of some 450 years ago. Experience the 16th century in the flesh through face-to-face contact with original objects from the Royal Museums of Art and History: treasures from the New World, musical instruments, scientific measuring devices, weapons and armour. Sensory experiences will let you discover history by way of touch, smell and handling. Up above the old city gate, you can enjoy an impressive view over the city. And high-tech binoculars will provide you a virtual image of Brussels and the surrounding countryside on the time of Bruegel.

> till 01-08-2021 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Bill Viola

Bill Viola is a pioneer in video art. He revolutionized the genre by exploring, quite early, the possibilities offered by digital technology. Over the last few decades, he developed his typical style characterised by his admiration for the great masters of ancient painting. His installations immerse the viewer in a contemplative universe, imbued with mysticism, in which the human figure occupies a central place.

> till 15-08-2021 | AfricaMuseum

Mabele eleki lola !
The earth, brighter than paradise

The title of the exhibit expresses the urgency of living in the here and now, and to the resilience demonstrated by Congolese people day after day. Tsimba's monumental works come into dialogue for the first time with the museum's collections. The artist thus pays homage to the work of traditional sculptors and smiths alike. In this exceptional encounter, twenty-two installations by Freddy Tsimba come face to face with thirty museum pieces.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Bruegel. The Originals
Pieter Bruegel The Elder's masterpieces at the RMFAB

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium celebrate the great Renaissance master through various projects.

Future Exhibitions
of the Federal Scientific Institutes

26.03.2021 > 01.08.2021 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Aboriginal Art
In line with previous explorations of modernity, the RMFAB present an exhibition devoted to Aboriginal art in dialogue with our collections. Plunge into the ritual universe of the Aboriginal painters. Since Papunya Tula in the early 1970s, Aboriginal artists have initiated an artistic movement that enjoys an increasingly wide international reputation. Their works create a dialogue with "modern primitivism" and reflect on the modernity of those artists that were far too long considered "primitive". Beyond the clichés, a style of painting emerges which finally gives a podium to feminine expression, while also critically questioning some of the ethnographic viewpoints that have been articulated since the 19th century. A journey to discover ritual forms and open a window on spirituality.

26.03.2021 > 01.08.2021 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Pierre Alechinsky
The exhibition shows about 100 works by Pierre Alechinsky. Paintings and drawings from the collection of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, alongside new exceptional donations, offer a tribute to one of the greatest living artists in Belgium.
Pierre Alechinsky, leading member of the avant-garde group CoBrA, was awarded the Praemium Imperiale, considered the "Nobel of Arts", in 2018.

Visit our Museums virtually
A series of initiatives by our Federal Museums and Institutions.

Naissance, l'expo virtuelle de Belspo

L'édition 2020 de SCIENCE & CULTURE AU PALAIS ROYAL n'aura pas lieu in situ. C'est à un parcours virtuel original, revisité et adapté aux circonstances particulières que Belspo vous convie "Naissance".

Naissance constitue une fabuleuse trame thématique ouvrant des méandres d'exploration aux Établissements scientifiques fédéraux. Parmi les œuvres d'art, les spécimens ou phénomènes naturels, les sujets de recherche scientifique, les documents ou photos d'archives, etc., la sélection constitue un véritable dilemme. Le résultat met au jour une trentaine d'objets, œuvres d'art ou films en lien avec la Naissance présentant parfois de subtiles correspondances jouant sur la pluridisciplinarité transversale des matières.

Geboorte, de virtuele tentoonstelling van Belspo

De editie 2020 van WETENSCHAP EN CULTUUR IN HET KONINKLIJK PALEIS kan jammer genoeg niet plaatsvinden in situ. Belspo bedacht evenwel een alternatief maar origineel parcours, én aangepast aan de omstandigheden, doorheen een virtuele tentoonstelling "Geboorte".

Via de virtuele tentoonstelling Geboorte bieden de federale wetenschappelijke instellingen (FWI) het grote publiek de mogelijkheid een ruim themakader te verkennen, waaronder kunstwerken, natuurspecimens en -fenomenen, wetenschappelijke onderzoeksonderwerpen en archiefdocumenten of -foto's. Bij de selectie ervan stonden onze FWI's voor een immens dilemma. Uiteindelijk werden een dertigtal aan het thema geboorte gelinkte voorwerpen, kunstwerken en films uitgekozen die soms subtiele overeenkomsten vertonen en multidisciplinaire en transversale onderwerpen aansnijden.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Fine Arts at Home
The RMFAB invite themselves into your home and help you escape the isolation! Discover here, alone or with the whole family, everything you need for a virtual journey through art history.
Virtual exhibitions  | VideosThe Collection

Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

KIK-IRPA offers you the opportunity to discover all the works of Jan Van Eyck in high resolution, as well as a collection of more than 700,000 photos of Belgium's cultural heritage in free access.
> BALaT, our online database
> Discover the œuvre of Jan Van Eyck online

Royal Museums for Art and History

Les MRAH vous propose d’explorer ses pièces de collections.
> Masterpieces online

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

If you can’t come to our Museum anymore during this lockdown (light), we have to bring the Museum to your living room!
> Bringing Nature Into Lockdowned Lives: NaturalsciencesAtHome


The importance of digitising museum collections became even more apparent during the closure of museums due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
> Museum collections in 2D+ and 3D
Cast your eyes over a series of 27 collections on various themes relating to history and cultural anthropology.
> Spotlight on the collections
Join us as we walk around the labs, offices and archives of the Royal Museum for Central Africa to meet the scientists who work here.
> AfricaMuseum Podcast

Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

Rather than adapting our environment, today we are learning to adapt ourselves. For the duration of the period of confinement, the Royal Belgian Institute is adapting its slogan from "Science between Heaven and Earth" to "Science between Heaven and Home". We'll be sharing with you the little things that brighten our days in our new life and work routines.
> Science between heaven and home


Toutes les ressources électroniques et les collections numérisées de KBR consultables à distance
- Tous les journaux et périodiques numérisés entièrement consultables à distance.
- Les ressources électroniques également consultables partout.
- Plus de 70 000 documents patrimoniaux numérisés disponibles dans Belgica.
- Possibilité de numérisation à la demande et capacité de scannage étendue.
Liste de toutes les ressources électroniques

Alle e-bronnen en gedigitaliseerde collecties van KBR nu van thuis uit raadpleegbaar
- Alle gedigitaliseerde kranten en tijdschriften zijn nu volledig te doorzoeken op afstand.
- Ook de elektronische bronnen kunt u voortaan overal raadplegen.
- Meer dan 70.000 gedigitaliseerde erfgoeddocumenten online beschikbaar in Belgica.
- Mogelijkheid tot digitaliseren op aanvraag en uitgebreide scancapaciteit.
> Lijst met alle beschikbare e-bronnen

DIGIT the Digitization Programme of the Belgian Science Policy

Preserving Belgium's rich cultural and scientific heritage and disclosing those valuable assets for researchers and the general public is important.
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