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Research and applications

The “Research Programme” directorate is responsible for implementing and monitoring long-term research programmes whose framework of reference is international decision-making and agreements as well as governmental and ministerial statements.

These programmes ensure multidisciplinarity and research in networks. They offer European research teams the possibility of linking with projects during calls for offers and the Federal Science Policy of participating in the European Commission’s ERA NET approach.

The programmes are at various stages of research, i.e.:

  • Thematic programmes dealing with the major problems of society, such as climate change and its socioeconomic and environmental consequences, energy, transport, marine and fresh water environments, biodiversity and the Antarctic, immigration problems, social security, drugs, health, aging, safety, etc.
  • A Technology attraction poles programme dedicated to improving the research and development relationship.

The Federal Science Policy also supports activities of a more structural nature, i.e.:

  • Thematic platforms in support of decisions, such as those concerning biodiversity and climate change.
  • Belgian microorganism collections, support for university and industrial research. They also offer highly specialised services to all types of users, both private and public.
  • An Agora programme supporting the development, constitution and promotion of federal databases, especially in terms of employment, social security, poverty, criminology, etc.

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