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The Polar Secretariat

The Belgian Polar Secretariat, a state service with separate management within BELSPO, is in charge of all aspects of the Belgian Antarctic station "Princess Elisabeth", more specifically the financial, administrative and material management of the Station. It ensures the association and involvement of potential partners of the station's activities to its goals of implementation and promotion of scientific activities of the station and dissemination of scientific knowledge on Antarctic Research.
In this context, it is responsible for:

  • the servicing and maintenance of the Station and its equipment;
  • the implementation and promotion of scientific activities of the Station;
  • the scientific program of the base and the dissemination of scientific knowledge;
  • taking all necessary initiatives to facilitate, support and develop the activities of the Station and the Secretariat.

The Polar Secretariat's management bodies are the Strategic Council and the Director.
The Polar Secretariat is also responsible for the coordination and implementation of the BELARE (Belgian Antarctic Research Expedition) campaigns.
The 2015-2016 campaign is being conducted in collaboration with Defence and AntarctiQ, a pllc specialised in the operational maintenance of the base and the technical and scientific equipment and logistics linked to it.

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