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Multidisciplinary programs

BRAIN-be: Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks
BRAIN-be is organised around six themes:
- Ecosystems, biodiversity, life history
- Geosystems universe and climate
- Cultural, historical and scientific heritage
- Federal government strategies
- Major societal challenges
- Collections Management
BRAIN-be 2.0 is organised around three pillars:
- Challenges and knowledge of the living and non-living
- Heritage science
- Federal societal challenges.
and relies on the funding of two types of research projects: network projects and pioneer projects.
Read more on the BRAIN-be and the BRAIN-be 2.0 website...

DIGIT (Digitization programme of the Belgian Science Policy)
The BELSPO DIGIT-04 programme (2019-2024) aims to support the digitization of the huge Belgium heritage patrimony, which resides in the federal museums, libraries, research institutes and archives.
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IAP: Interuniversity attraction poles
The "Interuniversity Attraction Poles" (IAP) Programme aims to provide support for teams of excellence in basic research that belong to Belgium’s various (linguistic) Communities and work as part of a network in order to increase their joint contribution to general scientific advances and, where applicable, to international scientific networks.
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