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Education activities

For Everyone

Earth Observation
The brand new website Belgian Earth Observation, developed by the Belgian Science Policy Office, provides  access to a series of educative resources related to spaceborne and airborne remote sensing:

  • A collection of commented images;
  • Exhibitions and posters;
  • Publications for the general public;
  • An "Introduction to remote sensing’ that allows you to discover the information hidden behind satellite images (new version of this tutorial is currently under development);
  • An overview of the characteristics of satellites supported by Belgium…

Other publications by Science Policy

Discover the publications edited by the Air and Space Service:
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Primary and Secondary Education

European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO)
Through the ESERO project, the European Space Agency (ESA) contributes to the primary and secondary education community in Europe, with the aim of arousing and sustaining interest in science and technology among young Europeans

ESERO Belgium brings together a wide network of educational partners from all over Belgium who work together to promote the use of the space context in STEM- courses. ESERO offers an annual series of training sessions for primary and secondary school teachers, classroom projects, extracurricular activities, as well as means to support the curriculum in an innovative way. ESER Belgium is a joint initiative by ESA and the Federal Science Policy.
Download the ESERO brochure (in Dutch or French).

ESA kids

This site has been realized by the European Space Agency and offers lots of activities, information and games for children due to a better knowledge of the Universe. The site is offered in six languages, so no translation is required.

Science Education through Earth
Observation for High Schools (SEOS)

SEOS is an initiative financed by the European Commission (EC) aimed at promoting the use of remote sensing in scientific education in secondary education.
Eleven partners from different European countries have cooperated on this project with the European Space Agency ESA. The Federal Space Policy has developed the module ‘A world of images’

Higher education

Belgian National Trainee Programme by ESA
Are you fascinated by space and want to carry out genuinely cutting-edge research? With the Belgian National Trainee Programme, or NTP, we give you the opportunity to work on current space projects at the European Space Agency (ESA). Satellite operations, robotics, manned and unmanned spaceflight, Earth observation and mission analysis are just some of the exciting areas of work in which our trainees have taken on demanding tasks.

ESA Academy
The ESA Academy is ESA's overarching training programme for university students from ESA member states. It provides 'hands on' space projects as well as training and education programs. More information about the projects and programmes can be found on the website of the ESA Academy.
Do you want to be kept informed of ESA's future opportunities for university students? Subscribe here to the ESA Academy newsletter.

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