Gustave Dewalque
Geological map of Louveigné-Spa n°148, Scale of the map: 1/40,000
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Inv. nihil

Carte G. Dewalque

(Gilles-Joseph) Gustave Dewalque (Stavelot 1826 - Liège 1905) was a Belgian geologist and professor at the University of Liège. Starting from 1844 he studied at the faculty of sciences at the University of Liège and later at the faculty of Medicine. He qualified as a physician in 1853 and received his Ph.D. in 1854. In 1855 he was appointed tutor for the courses in minerology and geology and curator of the collections. In 1857 he replaced André Dumont, then deceased, as the chair of geology and, after obtaining a special doctorate in mineral sciences, he became the professor in charge of teaching courses in mineralogy, geology and palaeontology at the faculty of sciences at the University of Liège. Gustave Dewalque played a key role in founding the Société géologique de Belgique (geological Society of Belgium) and the Commission de la carte géologique de Belgique (Commission for the geological map of Belgium). He published over 550 works, including ‘Prodrome d’une description géologique de la Belgique’ in completion of the unfinished work by Dumont. Dewalque proposed the creation of large-scale geological map of Belgium. This map, at a scale of 1/500 000, was finished in 1879. In order to realise this project, the Belgian Geological Service was later founded. A new version was released in 1903, showing recent discoveries. Notably, Dewalque also published the geological map of Louveigné-Spa at a scale of 1/40 000. In the early 20th century (1890-1919) Belgium was the first country in the world to have a geological map at a scale of 1/40 000 depicting the entire territory. Dewalque was one of the numerous geologist-cartographers active during this period.

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