Map of the new Parc de Bruxelles, of the Place Royale and environs, between the porte de Louvain and the porte de Namur, in Brussels, ca 1780
National Archives, hand drawn maps and plans
inv. I, 41

Map of the new Park of Brussels, circa 1780

In 1731, the Palace of Coudenberg – the sovereign’s Brussels residence – fell prey to a fire. For decades, the ruins lay waste. It was only in 1775 that plans were made for the renovation of the upper part of the town. The Royal Square and the new Park of Brussels were the starting point for the further development of the surrounding neighbourhoods. The design of the park was done by Barnabé Guimard, assisted by the Austrian landscape planner Joachim Zinner. The park was created between 1776 and 1783. The biggest challenge in this task was the levelling of the rather hilly ground.

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