Relief map of Belgium, Brussels, A.N. Leb├Ęgue & Cie, 1880
Royal Library of Belgium
Inv.CP IV 14716

Relief map of Belgium, 1880

A lithograph-printed map of Belgium, on a scale of 1:500 000, was attached to a plaster mould, affixed to a panel. The scale of the elevations is 1:35 000. If the same scale had been applied to the vertical elevations as to the horizontal distances, then the relief would have been flattened and virtually imperceptible. In order to be able to capture the movements of the land, topographical maps have long used an exaggerated scale for the elevations. The difference in scale is all the more accentuated for the depiction of regions with little relief.

A flat accompanying map indicates the elevations of the principal towns of the districts.
The straight lines extending from Brussels were added later.

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