Deutscher Wetterdienst
European weather forecasts, 1977
Royal Meteorological Institute
Inv. nihil

Weather Model 'Alaro'

A numerical forecast model is a computer program that simulates the evolution of the atmosphere.

Most weather forecasts are made by combinating the information from these models with the expertise of the forecaster.

The scientists of the RMI attempt constantly to improve these models on the basis of these newest numerical techniques, the parameterisation of physical processes and the use of meteorological observations.

The results of this research are processed in the operational weather model ALARO. It is used by the weather forecasters of the weather office, and for creating products and services for the general public.

These charts are generated automatically from ALARO every six hours. They aren't corrected or interpreted by the forecasters of the RMI. A correct interpretation of these charts requires some expertise.

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