Map of Belgium: weather records of the last 100 years, 2016
Royal Meteorological Institute
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The major meteorological events recorded since the 20th century

Our view of the future and the past inevitably evolves over time. In 1901, who could have predicted the universal interest that has developed in recent years for the issue of global climate change?

After all, up until recently, thanks to its apparent stability, the climate was regarded as one of the few certainties in life. In our region, with a population largely dependent on agriculture, the cycle of the seasons governed the daily lives of many generations. It was assumed that there was nothing new to be discovered about the laws of the seasons, as the numerous proverbs about the weather, for example, attest. It was only in the 18th century that a very small circle of scientists began to discuss evidence that the climate might have a history of its own.

We are interested in any documentation related to unusual weather events in Belgium.
If you have archives, photographs, written or printed manuscripts about meteorological events or phenomena, the provenance of which can be reasonably confirmed, and if, moreover, you would be prepared to share them with us, please send an e-mail to

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