Jean-Marc Marion
Handwritten geologic map of Spa (49/4), 2016
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Inv. nihil.

Carte J-M. Marion

The geological map is the fundamental basic instrument for any State wishing to determine and manage its natural resources and it is one of the most important instruments for territorial planning and the protection of the environment. This work has been carried out by the national or regional geological services. As a result of the regionalisation of the authority over the subsoil, stone quarries, mines and groundwater, the Regions have been able to develop new geological maps to meet their specific needs, and at the most appropriate scale (1/50 000 for the Region of Flanders and 1/25 000 for Wallonia). Work began on the geological cartography of the Walloon Region in 1990 and, over a period of 28 years, it will be carried out by various teams from five French-speaking Belgian universities and through the Belgian Geological Service (KBIN/IRSNB). Jean-Marc MARION, a geologist at the University of Liège, has created numerous maps, including the geological map of Spa, at a scale of 1/10 000, which will be published together with the map of the adjacent Louveigné, at a scale of 1/25 000, the manuscript for which is presented here. Each map is accompanied by a detailed manual. The maps are printed, but they are also available on the Internet and in a digital application. The same applies for the geological maps of Flanders and of the Brussels Capital Region. Over 160 years after the map made by André Hubert DUMONT, by comparing the maps from the different generations, we can chart the evolution of geological knowledge and attitudes.

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