Orthophotographic mosaic of Belgium, 2013-2015
Scale: 1/100 000, Brussels, 2017
National Geographic Institute
Inv. nihil


Orthophotographic mosaic of Belgium, 2013-2015
Aerial photographs follow the movement of the aircraft, and each shot is a perspective of a portion of uneven terrain.
An "orthophotograph" is a photograph which is transformed to correct the initial position of the view camera attached to the aircraft, as well as the effects of relief and perspective.
Orthophotographs can be assembled "seamlessly".
Since antiquity, the first piece of information we find on a map is the toponymy. This essential geographic information is as rich as the culture of the people who inhabit the charted territory.
At the National Geographic Institute, the toponymy is collected in the field and from administrative sources. The Royal Commission for Toponymy and Dialectology is consulted in certain cases.
On the map, each sentence is associated with a position in the Lambert projection.
This mosaic illustrates the theme of the exhibition with a selection of place names, taken from the toponymic database of the NGI.

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