Canopy Glider
Model 1/10th
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Loan Opération Canopée
Inv. nihil


How to study the rainforest canopy? From the sky!
A large part of tropical rainforest biodiversity is hard to access because found at the top of trees, called canopy. The canopy harbours a wide range of insects and plants associated to the trees, many new to Science.
“Canopy balloons” have been developed to allow biologists to access the treetops, even in fragile trees. They don’t create air turbulences as helicopters or drones would.

These balloons are filled with

hot air (CineBubble)

helium (Canopy Bubble)

or a combination of the two (Canopy Glider)

The Canopy Bubble also allows collections at night.

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