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Medal offered by King Léopold I to Émile Delannoy de Warneton
Belgium, 1861
Donation of the Friends of the Royal Library
(gold - 41 mm - 66.72 g)
Royal Library of Belgium, Medal Cabinet
Inv. 2K377/02


This medal, commemorating the proclamation of the King on 21 July 1831, was engraved by Jean-Jacques Barré (1793-1855), a French medallist and general engraver at the Paris Mint.

According to the inscription on the lettered edge, on 20 April 1861, this copy was given to Mr Émile Delannoy (1822-1902), the father of the parliamentarian also called Émile who died in Brussels in 1930 by His Majesty King of the Belgians.

The circumstances surrounding this gift were described by J. B. Couroble in his Histoire de Warneton (1875), "On 17 September 1860, King Léopold I passed through Warneton with his entire family on his way from Ypres to Kortrijk. A magnificent pavilion was erected at the entrance to the city to receive His Majesty who was complimented by the authorities [...] and received the most brilliant welcome from the people. The excitement reached its peak at the moment when the royal family was preparing to descend from the platform, Mr Delannoy struck up [...] the new Belgian national anthem, "La Brabançonne", the chorus of which was repeated by the crowd. Eyewitnesses confirmed that, in their lives, they had not heard anything more grandiose and moving. So, the royal family had the best memory of its brief visit to us [...]. The King later attested to this by presenting Mr Delannoy with a magnificent medal [...]."

After J. van Heesch, "The gold medal given by King Léopold I to Emile Delannoy", in Warneton (1861), in Mémoires de la Société d'Histoire de Comines-Warneton et de la région, 34, 2004, p. 304-306.



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