Object 3

Silver book cover containing a relic
Greece, 1816
Origin: Mrs Louis Solvay
Royal Library of Belgium
Inv. FS IX 304 A


New Testament printed in Greek characters in Venice circa 1800 by Pano Teodosio, specialising in Greek and Slavic editions. The book ended up in Greece with an enthusiast by the name of Gabrièl Hieromochou Proskunètou. He had an engraved silver book cover made, comprised of three hinged plates. His name is engraved in the middle of the back. The decoration on the top plate depicts the Crucifixion, the Virgin and Saint John. On the lower plate, the Resurrection of Christ, surrounded by the four prophets. The book cover is also a reliquary. On the pedestal bearing Christ on the cross, a space containing a relic, a supposed fragment of the True Cross, hidden behind a small sliding door.



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