Object 8

Elkington & C°, Silversmiths (manufacturer)
Silver ink-pot offered to Emile Banning by S.M. Léopold II
after the conference of Brussels from 1889-1890
1890 (uncertain), Great Britain
War Heritage Institute, Royal Military Museum, Brussels, Numismatics
Inv. 500172


The Brussels conference was organized by King Leopold II, in the wake of the 1885 Berlin conference that enabled the Belgian sovereign to create the Congo Free State.
Emile Banning was one of the King’s closest collaborators, and as a strong opponent of slavery he co-organized the conference against slave trade in Brussels in 1890.

The Brussels Convention (General Proceedings of the Brussels Conference of early 1890) is an international treaty signed on July 2, 1890 taking effect on April 2, 1892. Its aims was to “put an end to the misdeeds and destructions caused by African slave trade, to effectively protect the African people and to ensure the advantages of peace and civilisation for this large continent”.

This collection item belongs to the War Heritage Institute, the reference institution for military heritage and remembrance in Belgium. The Royal Military Museum became part of the WHI on May 1, 2017. The War Heritage Institute defends values such as democracy, peace and freedom.



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