Object 18

Nicolas Schöffer
Lux 11, copy 9/25 (scale 1.5)
Chrome-plated steel
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
Inv. 7563


The French-Hungarian artist Nicolas Schöffer (1912-1992) studied the integration of space into sculpture through his abstract sculptural work inspired by Constructivism. This space acts as a material element of his visual art and is supported by the changing light, resulting in its description as "spatiodynamic".  Metal plates are attached horizontally and vertically to a linear frame in a balanced way. The shifting rhythm between open forms and closed forms and the reflective nature of the polished chromium steel enhance the energetic and dynamic possibilities of the space. Lux 11 is testament to the social optimism that characterised the 1950s and 1960s. The artist was passionate about new technology and involved scientists, engineers and musicians in his visual projects. His monumental architectural creations also feature the notions of movement, sound, time and metamorphosis, and have a distinct social function.



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