Object 20

Like you have never seen before!
Saint Bavo's Cathedral Ghent
© – Art in Flanders vzw, photo KIK-IRPA, Brussels

Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage


In 2012, restorers at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage began work on the polyptych of The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, by the Van Eyck brothers. They were not expecting this restoration to lead to a revelation: the real Van Eyck had been hidden beneath overpaint for centuries!

A video showing images of the exterior wing panels covers four years of restoration in just a few minutes; it is a visual journey of discovery through the old layers of varnish and overpainting... down to the original work by Van Eyck.
Become a restorer! Let this journey of discovery draw you in, so you can admire the exterior wing panels of the Mystic Lamb as you have never seen them before!

Before and after

The complexion of Elisabeth Borluut was almost completely overpainted with a dark glazing that hid the tones of the skin's original colours. The dark glazing that was applied also altered the original lighting effects and ruined the subtly evocative rendering of the complexion.



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