Object 3

»» The BSC strives to maintain its collection, both in storage and in the exhibition rooms, in accordance with the applicable standards for preventative conservation. To that end, it works closely with the competent cell of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA).

Preventative conservation protects objects and collections from damage, with special attention for the ten most important factors that can threaten heritage, namely ultraviolet, infrared and visible light, unchanged relative humidity, unchanged temperature, physical forces, fire, water, vermin, theft, vandalism, air pollution and dissociation. Display cabinets are indispensable for meeting the strict conditions for preventative conservation, in particular for vulnerable pieces such as works on paper.

»» The display case protects the artwork against high-impact risks such as floods, fire, theft and vandalism.

»» An artwork on a fragile support such as paper cannot be exposed to a light of an intensity greater than 50 lux, nor to ultraviolet or infrared rays. Daylight must be avoided at all costs.

»» Paper is very sensitive to fluctuations in relative humidity. A (sealed) display case can guarantee a stable ambient climate where the temperature varies between 16° and 18°C and relative humidity between 50% and 55%.

»» The display case protects against external aggressions such as dust and pollution. The construction materials and paints used for the display case must be environmentally-friendly so as to prevent them generating their own pollutants that could affect the artwork.

»» The display case protects the artwork against vibrations and shocks caused by visitors..

»» The display case is an obstacle to insects and vermin. If the relative humidity is too high (>65%) in the display case, it can cause a microclimate, it can also lead to mildew.

»» Light, ultraviolet rays and pollutants have yellowed and weakened the adhesive tape (or what remains of it). The adhesive tape itself is damaging the artwork on paper and releasing pollutants.

Le Cosmoschtroumpf / De Ruimtesmurf / The Astrosmurf
Sc : Peyo/Y.Delporte/Gos
Dupuis, 1970



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