Object 6

Olga Morano
Poet’s Night
Black and white sensible canvas on wooden frame, jute curtain, white, round nylon cord
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
Inv. 9795


The work of Olga Morano (1935-1999) unfolded on the periphery of art movements of her time. It approaches conceptual art, yet remains full of poetry and fantasy. Morano was inspired by mathematical rules to create art which floats between sculpture, painting and photography. La nuit des poètes (Night of the Poets) therefore uses sensitive linen – a technique in photography – and a jute curtain, as an open window on a clear starry night.
The fine white lines, sometimes bent, sometimes straight, form a mesh resulting in something that resembles complicated mathematical formula. Is it the accurate, scientific reflection of a night sky or simply a figment of the artist's imagination? Olga Morano designed her work as “visual poetry”, “poetic objects” or even “mathematical poems”. As the title suggests, it is about a poetic vision, a term not often associated with mathematics. In La nuit des poètes the artist shows us that numbers can also be poetic, with her representation of a black starry sky seen through an open window.

Le siècle d’Eva. Biographie d’un ange du XXe ciel
Casterman, 2013


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