Object 15

Extract from the graphic novel Scionce 2080 series displaying an artist's view of a permanent lunar habitat in 2049; the European closed loop life support system 'MELiSSA' is integrated into the design.



Scionce 2080 is a fiction science graphic novel series (first volume to be released in October 2019) about space exploration by Didier Schmitt, Olivier Pacques, Ava Dobrydine, Thomas Rome and Editor Olivier Weyrich set in the second half of this century. The extract shows the European closed loop life support system 'MELiSSA' (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative) on a Moon base. Currently in development, MELiSSA aims to produce in a recycling loop food, water and oxygen for very long duration human space missions where otherwise these supplies would result in a tremendous (transport) cost. The Belgian Science Policy Office supports Belgian research teams participating in the MELiSSA project.



Jeannette Pointu : Mission sur Mars / Sarah Spits : Reis naar Mars
Dupuis, 1993


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