Object 17

Moon jar, vase in the shape of a full moon
Porcelain, Korea, Joseon dynasty, 18th century
Royal Museums for Art and History
Inv. EO. 2565

A particular type of clay and extremely high oven temperature are required to produce porcelain. The technique of porcelain production was invented in China and introduced in Korea at the beginning of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). Objects in undecorated white porcelain are characteristic of this period.  In English, this type of vase, with its simple, uncomplicated shape, is known as a “Moon Jar”, due to its resemblance to the full moon, although this was probably not the potter's intention.

Kogaratsu : Sous le regard de la lune / Onder het oog van de maan
Sc : Bosse
Dupuis, 1999



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