Object 18

Kawase HASUI (1883-1957)
Moon at Umagome
(Umagome no tsuki)
Series: Twenty views of Tokyo Xylography, ink and colours on paper, 1930
Royal Museums for Art and History
Inv. JP.7290 (donated by the Professors of Tokyo Fine Arts School, 1935)

Hasui was the most important landscape-print designer in the 20th century. His main strength lay in portraying diverse weather conditions, reflections and light conditions. He travelled to all corners of Japan to make sketches and favoured stylised and timeless scenes.
Hasui was among the permanent artists working for the famous publisher Watanabe Shōzaburō (1885-1962), which caused a real revival of traditional prints at the beginning of the 20th century. This movement is known as shin-hanga meaning “new prints”.

Kogaratsu : Sous le regard de la lune / Onder het oog van de maan
Sc : Bosse
Dupuis, 1999


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