Belgian-South African Research and Technology Cooperation

Call for proposals: Support of networking activities (2022)


In the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding  for science and technology cooperation between Belgium and South-Africa signed in January 2017, a third call for networking proposals is organized in July 2022.  
The call is joinlty launched by BELSPO and NRF (National Research Foundation, South Africa).

Areas of Cooperation

  • Cultural heritage
  • Marine sciences
  • Microbiological biobanks research and biotechnology
  • Natural heritage
  • Space

Be sure to align with the programmes mentionned in the 'Call information document'.

How can you apply?

All information can be find in the Call information document, including a checklist  allowing you to check the eligibility of your proposal.
For submission of the proposal, please use the application form.


23 September 2022, 15 h (E.T).

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria are the following:

  • Scientific technical and societal merit; 
  • Potential of the networking activities leading to long-lasting sustained partnerships; 
  • Suitability and feasibility of the work plan;
  • Budget fitting to the work plan (value for money);
  • Human Capacity Development: the potential of the project to strengthen the international; prospects of postgraduate students (masters degree).

GDPR instructions

In case you would have comments or complaints with regard to the call: online complaint form.