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BRAIN-be (2012-2017)
Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks

Call for proposals to valorise BRAIN-be research projects


Is there a maximum number of partners in a project?

No, there is no maximum number of partners. Even though an Action is composed by a network of BRAIN-be promoters, it has to be submitted by only one BRAIN-be promoter (referred to as the applicant) who will coordinate the Action, receive the BELSPO funding and, if applicable, distribute the allocated budget to other involved Action partners via a specific internal collaboration agreement. 

Must the applicant of an  Action be the Coordinator of a BRAIN-be project?

No, any promoter of a given BRAIN-be project can submit a project. However, it would be wise to contact the rest of the network before submitting an Action.

Is there a maximum number of Actions that one promoter can submit?

In theory no, but in practice the evaluators might raise the question of the feasibility in leading or be engaged in several Actions simultaneously.

Can the budget be used for personnel? Is there a maximum of the budget that can go to subcontracting?

In the submission form the budget is broken down in three categories: staff/Operation costs/subcontracting. This breakdown is for evaluation purposes only and therefore, the classical rules of the BELSPO research contract do not apply (such as "operation costs cannot exceed 10% of personnel costs", "subcontract cannot exceed 25% of the total budget"...). You can allocate the budget as you see fit for your project.  
If your project is selected, this breakdown will not apply anymore. You will receive an order letter (and not a research contract) with simpler financial rules (budget is received in two slices; no bills need to be kept). Note that the maximum budget of 20.000€ per project is VAT and overhead included.

Can the development of a website or tool be considered as a valorisation action?

No. A website or any tool is a means through which an action can deploy, but cannot constitute the core of the action itself. An Action is a programme characterised by a clearly stated objective with a measurable expected impact that can be reached through tools, approaches, tasks and a budget. 


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