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BRAIN-be (2012-2017)
Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks

Call for proposals to valorise BRAIN-be research projects

Call for Valorisation Actions

The first phase of the BRAIN-be research programme (2012-2017) has allowed for the financing of 171 projects.

The purpose of this call for valorisation actions is to offer the promoters of all projects (past or ongoing) the opportunity to valorise their research and thus maximising its impact.

The budget of this call is 300.000€.

Information for interested promoters

The modalities of this call (scope, budget...) are included in the information dossier.

Submission form

The submission form needs to be completed in English.

Closing of the call for Actions

The submission form must be introduced via email ( no later than Thursday 26 October 2018 at 12AM.

More information

More information on this call can be obtained by contacting

e-information session

An e-information forum will be provided on the BRAIN-be website.

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