International Cooperation


Most of the DIGIT partners collaborate within Europeana , the European digital library.

Europeana works with thousands of European archives, libraries and museums to share cultural heritage for enjoyment, education and research. Europeana provides access to over 50 million digitized items – books, music, artworks and more – with sophisticated search and filter tools to help users to find what they are looking for.

Different types of cultural heritage organisations catalogue their content in different ways and they use different standards. To make the information searchable, it is mapped to the Europeana Data Model , a rich metadata standard. The digital objects that users can find in Europeana are not stored on a central computer, but remain within the cultural institution and are hosted on their networks. Europeana also created an API, so that others can reuse their content in different ways.

To browse the content in Europeana from our DIGIT partners use the search box below.

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The Commission Expert Group on the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage (CEDCHE)

The CEDCHE Expert Group will provide a forum for cooperation between Member States' bodies and the European Commission in the area of digitization, online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation. It will also give guidance on the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage’s annual work programmes under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP). The CEDCHE Expert Group reviews and discusses policies for digital cultural heritage, notably by assisting the European Commission in monitoring progress and assessing the impact of the implementation of the EU Recommendation .

Moreover, the Group will provide high quality advice on specific policy issues where such advice is important for the development of Union policies or legislation.

A sub-group on on the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage of the CEDCHE Expert Group has been established to provide the CEDCHE with advice on certain aspects of the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure, such as the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage’s general objectives, governance, strategic priorities, evolution and sustainability.

For more information: Chris De Loof

Archives Portal Europe (APE)

The Archives Portal Europe (APE) is an online research tool providing free 24/7 access to high-quality information held in archives throughout Europe. It allows users to easily browse from a single online access point, millions of archival documents stored in thousands of archival institutions all over the continent.
The search results are presented in their original, archival and historical European context.

Archives Portal Europe has made considerable efforts to implement standardisation and to create tools to manage and publish data from a wide range of archives across Europe. All relevant technical documentation is accessible via the Archives Portal Europe Wiki .

In addition, the portal acts as a data aggregator for Europeana which displays digital heritage objects held in a wide range of cultural and scientific institutions around Europe, thereby helping to preserve knowledge about European cultural heritage for future generations.

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