Related Projects and Documentation

Links and information about DIGIT related research projects and documentation:

Identifying Needs to Modernize Access to Digital Data in Libraries and Archives

The MADDLAIN project  aims to analyse the behaviour and the needs of different audiences with regard to digital access to the collections offered by the documentation institutions of the Federal Science Policy (CegeSoma , KBR and State Archives of Belgium ).

The project Preserving Online Multiple Information: towards a Belgian strategy (PROMISE) started on 1 June 2017 and aims to develop a federal strategy for the preservation of the Belgian web.

Upscaling the Geo-temporal Enrichment, exploration and exploitation of Scientific Collections

The interdisciplinary UGESCO project concerns research and development activities in the domains of named entity recognition (NER), semantics-driven image analysis, geographic information retrieval (GIR) and user-generated content (UGC), and investigates how the Belgian Federal CegeSoma collections can benefit from technological innovations in these domains.

Auditing Digital Outputs in the Cultural Heritage Sector

The ADOCHS project is dedicated to the improvement of the quality control process concerning the digitized heritage collections.