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Programmes and projects - Phase VI

List of the IAP-VI Networks (2007-2011)

44 IAP-research networks, implicating 324 research teams (250 Belgian teams and 74 European partners), are classified in different domains.

Life Sciences (19 networks)

Title of the network
P6/05 From genes to functional defects in hereditary and malignant diseases
P6/12 Cell-mediated immune responses in health and disease: from basic science to clinical investigation
P6/13 Tracing and Integrated Modeling of Natural and Anthropogenic Effects on Hydrosystems Case Study: The Scheldt River Basin and the Adjacent Coastal North Sea
P6/14 G protein-coupled receptors: from structure to diseases
P6/15 Molecular dialogue between parasite and hosts: the trypanosome model
P6/18 Signal transduction in inflammation: from gene to organism
P6/19 Proteins: Interactions involved in folding, function and supramolecular assemblages.
P6/20 Paracrine and transcriptional control of embryogenesis
P6/28 Signal integration mechanisms in health and disease.
P6/29 Perceptual and cognitive processing in the human and non-human primate brain.
P6/30 Vessel formation and vessel wall biology in disease and medicine.
P6/31 Molecular and cellular mechanisms of electrical excitability
P6/33 Growth and development of higher plants
P6/35 Importance and interaction of allergy, infections and respiratory environmental exposures in chronic lower & upper airway diseases (the AIReWAY study consortium)
P6/36 The hepatic progenitor cell niche under experimental conditions and in human liver disease
P6/38 Non invasive quantitative molecular imaging with applications for studying cellular processes in oncology and neurology.
P6/40 Molecular and cellular basis for beta cell therapy in diabetes
P6/41 Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) replication
P6/43 An integrated approach towards understanding the pathogenesis of CNS and PNS neurodegenerative disorders

Exact and Applied Sciences (15 networks)

Title of the network
P6/02 Nonlinear systems, stochastic processes, and statistical mechanics
P6/03 Statistical analysis of association and dependence in complex data
P6/04 Dynamical systems, control and optimization
P6/08 Physical chemistry of plasma - surface interactions
P6/10 Photonics@be: Micro-, nano- and quantum-photonics
P6/11 Fundamental interactions: at the boundary of theory, phenomenology and experiment
P6/16 Non-destructive analysis of cultural heritage objects
P6/17 Advanced complex inorganic materials by a novel bottom-up (nano)chemistry approach: processing and shaping
P6/21 Inverse problems and optimization in low frequency electromagnetism
P6/23 Advanced Research on Exotic Nuclei for Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics
P6/24 Physics based multilevel mechanics of metals
P6/25 Bioinformatics and modeling: from genomes to networks.
P6/26 Belgian Fundamental Research Network on Cryptology and Information Security
P6/27 Functional supramolecular systems (FS2).
P6/39 Fundamental Issues in Software Engineering: Modelling, Verification and Evolution of Software.
P6/42 Quantum effects in clusters and nanowires

Human Sciences (10 networks)

Title of the network
P6/01 Justice and Society: sociopolitical history of justice administration in Belgium (1795-2005)
P6/06 Democratic Governance and Reflexive Theory of Collective Action
P6/07 Economic policy and finance in the global economy: equilibrium analysis and social evaluation
P6/09 Higher Education and Research: Organization, Market Interaction and Overall Impact in the Knowledge-Based Era
P6/22 The transition from Republic to Empire: The impact of Romanization on Cities and Countryside in Italy and the provinces (2nd/1st century BC- 2nd/3rd century AD).
P6/32 City and society in the Low Countries 1200-1800: space, knowledge, social capital
P6/34 Greater Mesopotamia : Reconstruction of its environment and History
P6/37 Changing Patterns of Participation and Representation in Contemporary Democracies. A Comparative Research on the Relation between Citizens and State
P6/44 Grammaticalization and (inter)subjectification

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