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Programmes and projects - Phase VI

  • Total budget: 143 million EUR
  • Period: 1 January 2007- 31 December 2011
  • Projects: 44 IAP-networks with 4 to 15 research teams per network
  • Participants: universities, federal scientific institutions
  • Research field: life sciences, exact and applied science, human sciences
  • Steering committee
  • Information document: call for proposals

List of the IAP-VI Networks (2007-2011)

44 IAP-research networks, implicating 324 research teams (250 Belgian teams and 74 European partners), are classified in different domains.

List of the 44 IAP VI networks

Steering committee

The IAP-Phase V Programme is monitored by an “steering committee” which has an advisory role about the shaping and evolution of the programme.
The composition of this committee is the subject of an agreement between the Federal Government and the Communities:

President Mr Ph. Mettens
Federal Authority Mrs N. Henry
French-speaking Community Mr Th. Maudoux
Flemish Community Mr N. Vercruysse
Mr P. Bakema
Council of rectors of the French-speaking Community (CREF) Mr B. Coulie (UCL)
Mr A. Lemaître (ULg)
Mr Cl. Truffin
Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR) Mr A. De Leenheer (RUG)
Mr R. Bouillon (KUL)
Mr E. Spruyt (UA)
Foreign experts Mr Ph. Larédo (France)
Mr A. Rip (The Netherlands)

Network profile

An IAP is an interuniversity network of scientific teams conducting basic research in any scientific domain.

Each network comprises at least four partners belonging to different Belgian institutions (universities or federal scientific institutions).
Each network includes at least one partner belonging to each of the two main Belgium’s linguistic communities (the Flemish and the French-speaking Community).
The promoter of a university team acts as co-ordinator for the network.

A minimum funding for each network is set at 2.5 million EUR for the 5-year period.
The minimum funding over the five years is set at 800,000 EUR for the coordinators and at 400,000 EUR for the partners.

European partnership
The networks have the possibility of developing European partnerships with non-Belgian universities or public research institutions in the European Union

European partnership

The IAP networks are encouraged to establish contacts and synergies with other European research centres, thereby helping to foster a European Research Area.

Opening of the IAP-programme to European partners

Within the sixth phase, the IAP-networks has developed partnerships with non-Belgian universities or public research institutions in the European Union.
A budget of 3,8 million EUR is covering the participation of European research teams.
A total of 74 European partners have been associated to 39 of the 44 IAP-networks.

This collaboration is done on the basis of a 50% co-financing.

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