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Research data

All the research data (biological, chemical and physical) of the funded projects within the North Sea programme since 1997 are stored in the IDOD database managed by the BMDC (Belgian Marine Data Centre) of the Management Unit of the Mathematical Model of the North Sea (MUMM).

The database can be accessed at the web page

This database was developed in the frame of the project “IDOD: Integrated and dynamical oceanographic data management” within the programme Sustainable Management of the North Sea - SPSD I.

The IDOD project aimed at building up a data base containing the results of the various scientific projects funded in the frame of the programme. It lead to the IDOD Information System, made of the IDOD data base, the user interface, the spatial analysis tool and the statistical analysis tool.

The design of the database makes it a versatile and robust system. It can handle numerous types of data. The system continues to be fed with new and historical data and to evolve according to the needs of the users and the progresses of the technology.

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