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Phase IV – Impulsprogramme Marine Sciences (1992-1996)

In July 1990, the Council of Ministers approved the support and the implementation of the “Impulsprogramme Marine Sciences” with a budget of 4,6 MEURO.

The objective of the programme was to give several research groups a renewed stimulus to lay the groundwork for better understanding of the marine environment and the natural and human factors that influence it. The programme aimed to contribute to international research efforts regarding the protection and sustainable use of the North Sea and Scheldt estuary and to assist the process of policy decision making at national level.

The programme enabled 18 research teams working on 12 projects to conduct research from September 1992 to December 1996.

The projects are:

MS/A1/01 Molecular dynamics of the absorption, accumulation and elimination of metals in marine organisms from the North Sea
[Fedra] [Final Report part 1] [Final Report part 2]
MS/A1/02 Marine ecotoxicology: distribution, flows and biological effects of metal pollutants in the Asterias rubens, a key species of the coastal biotopes of the North Sea
[Fedra] [Final report]
MS/A1/03 Pathological and ecotoxicological study of sea birds and sea mammals in the North Sea and adjoining areas
[Fedra] [Coordination Report | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]
MS/A1/04 Intercompartmental distribution of monoaromatic hydrocarbons (MAH´s) and C1-C2 organochlorinated compounds in the North Sea environment
[Fedra] [Technical summary] [Non Technical summary] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]
MS/A1/05 Study of the geochemical cycles of particulate heavy metals and organic micropollutants in the North Sea environment
[Fedra] [Final Report] [Annexes A-C] [Annexes D-F]
MS/A1/06 Transfer and behaviour of trace metals in the estuary of the Scheldt
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MS/A2/07 Dynamic of eutrophicated coastal systems
[Fedra] [Final report]
MS/A2/08 Structure and function of the benthos in estuarine and coastal ecosystems in relation to current and future anthropogenic influences
[Fedra] [Final Report part 1-2] [Final Report part 3]
MS/A2/09 Modelling and simulation of the grazing pressure of zooplankton in the ecosystem of the North Sea. Practical and theoretical approach
[Fedra] [Final Report] [Annexe part 1] [Annexe part 2-4] [Annexe part 5]
MS/A2/10 Effects of pollution on macrozoobenthos communities in the Scheldt estuary
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MS/B/11 Definition and application of ecological criteria and economic indicators for the impact study and cost determination of various types of pollution in the North Sea
Ecotox database developed within the project
[website] [Final Report]
MS/B/12 Towards a future Belgian policy for protecting the North Sea. Social and economic consequences
[Fedra] [Final Report]

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