Trilateral Call (Belgium - CHINA - SOUTH-AFRICA)
for submission of Research Proposals


Cooperation agreements for science and technology are concluded bilaterally among Belgium, China and South-Africa. Building on these agreements and on recently expressed common interests, the 3 administrations responsable for the implementation of the agreements (BELSPO, MOST, DSI/NRF), convened on May 3rd 2020, to joinlty organise a trilateral call, in order to support research projects. The call is launched on 23.09.2020.

The focus area of the call is the following: 'The interplay between biodiversity, climate change and health'.

Call procedure

To be eligible for funding by BELSPO, proposals need to relate to:

At least one of the Belgian partners has to be a promoter supported by BELSPO via one of the mentioned programmes or be affiliated with a Federal Scientific Institution.

How can you apply?

You are invited to consult the submission file and to fill in the application form. The core of the form is in English. For the Belgian applicants, a part related to the budget is to be completed in Dutch or in French.
Please consult the call's check-list to verify the eligibility of your proposal.



27th November 2020, at 15:00.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria are the following:

A. Scientific quality of the proposal
B. Quality of the network
C. Potential impact for science, society and decision making
D. Adequacy of resources

In case you would have comments or complaints with regard to the call: online complaint form.