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Phase V - Sustainable Management of the North Sea - SPSD I (1997-2003)

In January 1997 the Programme “Sustainable Management of the North Sea” was launched in the framework of the first Scientific Support Plan for a Sustainable Development Policy (SPSD-I). The overall budget of this programme was 10,3 MEURO.

In the context of the "International Conferences on the Protection of the North Sea" and with a view to cooperating with other North Sea coastal states, this programme aimed to contribute to the management and sustainable development of the North Sea and its natural resources.

To this end the authorities need:

  • a better understanding of the structure and functioning of the North Sea ecosystem;
  • a better understanding of the impact of human activities on the North Sea ecosystem:
  • to gain a better objective understanding of the notion of 'how the North Sea can be sustainably exploited to ensure that those living on its banks can maintain a high standard of living';
  • to gain a better understanding of the socioeconomic consequences which accompany the negative impact of human activities on the North Sea ecosystem;
  • to translate properly founded scientific information and opinions from the research community into a policy designed to establish the most favourable balance possible between the various forms of exploitation of the North Sea and inform the public.

19 projects were financed in total.

Strategic research actions:

MN/DD1/001 Biogeochemistry of nutrients, metals and organic micropollutants in the North Sea
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD1/002 Eutrophication and the structure of coastal planktonic food-webs: mechanisms and modelling (AMORE)
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD1/003 The impact on North Sea organisms of pollutants associated with sediment (ICAS)
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD1/004 Structural and functional biodiversity of North Sea ecosystems
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD1/005 North Sea seabirds and marine mammals: pathology and ecotoxicology
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD1/006 Integrated and dynamical oceanographic data management (IDOD)
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD1/007 Marine Resources Damage Assessment and Sustainable Management of the North Sea (MARE-DASM)
[Fedra] [Final Report]

Targeted research actions:

MN/DD2/001 Quality status and terrestrial inputs for the North Sea
[Fedra][Final Report]
MN/DD2/002 Evaluation of possible impacts of endocrine disruptors on the North Sea ecosystem (ED-North)
[Fedra] [Project description sheet]
The ED-North database developed in the frame of the project
[website] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/003 Development of methods for the analysis of hydrocarbons and organic micro-pollutants in the marine environment
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/004 Monitoring of volatile organic compounds in marine organisms: analysis, quality assurance and feasibility
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/005 Evaluation of the quality of turbot fry on the stock enhancement success in the North Sea
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/006 "Paardenmarkt" site evaluation
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/007 Intensive evaluation of the evolution of a protected benthic habitat (HABITAT)
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/008 Research on natural sand transports on the Belgian continental shelf (BUDGET)
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/010 The collection Gustave Gilson as a historical reference framework for the Belgian marine fauna: feasibility study
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/011 Identification of maritime zones affected by eutrophication (IZEUT)
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/012 Fast and low cost analysis of dioxin-like compounds in marine matrices
[Fedra] [Final Report]
MN/DD2/013 Long term trends in the macrobenthos of the Belgian Continental Shelf (MACROBEL)
[Fedra] [Project website] [Final Report]

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