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State Archives

The State Archives (ARA-AGR) encompasses the General State Archives in Brussels and 18 repositories across the country. They ensure that government produced and maintained records are properly stored.

The ARA-AGR receives and stores the records of courts and tribunals, government administrations and notaries, as well as those of private institutions and individuals who have played an important role in society.

It ensures that public records are moved in accordance with archiving standards and that records are made available to the public, on the condition that the privacy of some of the information is respected.

Another essential task of the scientific staff is that of opening the enormous quantity of records held in the institution to study. Scientific search instruments are developed (archive lists and guides, listings, institutional studies, databanks), which researchers then use to find the information they require within a reasonable timeframe and with a fair degree of accuracy.

The ARA-AGR is a knowledge centre for historical and archive-related data. The scientific personnel at the ARA-AGR carry out scientific research on a permanent basis in the area of archiving, storage and the institutional history of the archive producing institutions. This is done in the framework of responsible purchase, storage, opening to research and transferability.

In 2017 the Institute underwent a peer review. A summary of the evaluation can be found in the 'Management Summary'.

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