25-05-2021 | Online event KBR

Digital Heritage Seminar: Chris Tanasescu

KBR invites you to attend a new scholarly series on digital cultural heritage, the KBR-ULB-UGent Digital Heritage Seminar. In the second part of this series from May to June in 2021 we will virtually host three academic scholars in presenting their work on cultural heritage materials, digital methods and digital humanities. Dealing with a variety of topics, periods and methods, these talks will be held in English, with questions in French, Dutch or English. The target audience is scholars, but the general public is warmly welcome.
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27-05-2021 | NOCTURNE

Nocturne in the AfricaMuseum

In the temporary exhibition Mabele eleki lola! experienced guides are present to answer all your questions. You can recognise them by their badge and museum t-shirt. Throughout the evening, you can also enjoy some mini-concerts in the park (in good weather) or at the museum. These are an excellent introduction to various African music styles and instruments. Children are welcome too!
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TILL 15-05-2021 | Art & History museum

Saint George Altarpiece

After three years of research and restoration, Jan II Borman's iconic Saint George Altarpiece (1493) resides resplendently once again in the Art & History Museum in Brussels. The interdisciplinary research, in collaboration with the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA, Brussels), led to unexpected discoveries and provided answers to age-old mysteries. Thus, after almost two centuries, the magnificently carved sculpture groups were put back in their correct original positions within the meticulously restored monumental masterpiece. This project has been made possible thanks to the King Baudouin Foundation (Fonds René and Karin Jonckheere). From Saturday 24 April, the Saint George retable can be admired as part of the Gothic-Renaissance-Baroque walking tour of the Art & History Museum. For three weeks, visitors will also be able to discover an original statuette of the late Middle Ages and a message from a 19th-century restorer that were carefully hidden in the work of art.
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Till 01-08-2021 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium


In line with previous explorations of modernity, the RMFAB present an exhibition devoted to Aboriginal art in dialogue with our collections. Plunge into the ritual universe of the Aboriginal painters. Since Papunya Tula in the early 1970s, Aboriginal artists have initiated an artistic movement that enjoys an increasingly wide international reputation. Their works create a dialogue with "modern primitivism" and reflect on the modernity of those artists that were far too long considered "primitive". Beyond the clichés, a style of painting emerges which finally gives a podium to feminine expression, while also critically questioning some of the ethnographic viewpoints that have been articulated since the 19th century. A journey to discover ritual forms and open a window on spirituality.
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Till 01-08-2021 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Bill Viola

Bill Viola is a pioneer in video art. He revolutionized the genre by exploring, quite early, the possibilities offered by digital technology. Over the last few decades, he developed his typical style characterised by his admiration for the great masters of ancient painting. His installations immerse the viewer in a contemplative universe, imbued with mysticism, in which the human figure occupies a central place.
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Till 01-08-2021 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Pierre Alechinsky

The exhibition shows about 100 works by Pierre Alechinsky. Paintings and drawings from the collection of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, alongside new exceptional donations, offer a tribute to one of the greatest living artists in Belgium.
Pierre Alechinsky, leading member of the avant-garde group CoBrA, was awarded the Praemium Imperiale, considered the "Nobel of Arts", in 2018.
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Till 01-08-2021
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Thomas Houseago

This Spring the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium will show a new exhibition by Thomas Houseago, a UK-born artist whose recent works give full expression to the transcendental, emotive and restorative power of nature.
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Till 15-08-2021 | AfricaMuseum

Mabele eleki lola !
The earth, brighter than paradise

The title of the exhibit expresses the urgency of living in the here and now, and to the resilience demonstrated by Congolese people day after day. Tsimba's monumental works come into dialogue for the first time with the museum's collections. The artist thus pays homage to the work of traditional sculptors and smiths alike. In this exceptional encounter, twenty-two installations by Freddy Tsimba come face to face with thirty museum pieces.
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Till 15-10-2021 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Henri Evenepoel at the Fin-de-Siècle Museum

This exhibition will highlight the work on paper of the Belgian artist Henri Evenepoel throughout several themes. Thanks to his talent for drawing, a skill that he had already discovered as a child and that almost became an obsession. This resulted in thousands of works, from quick sketches to more elaborate drawings. Silhouettes of passers-by, city scenes, portraits of unsuspecting family members, nothing escaped his watchful eye.
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Till 31-12-2021 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Origami for Life
Installation by Charles Kaisin

Belgian designer Charles Kaisin sets more than 20.000 paper birds free in the great hall of the RMFAB with his «Origami for life» installation. This monumental installation - 5 meters high by 16 meters long - is an artwork that was built within a co-creation process back in March 2020. During the first lockdown, Charles Kaisin invited the public to make origamis and send them over to him. For each collected origami, patrons would financially chip in to support the scientific research against Covid-19.
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Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Bruegel. The Originals
Pieter Bruegel The Elder's masterpieces at the RMFAB

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium celebrate the great Renaissance master through various projects.
At the Old Masters Museum, you can admire the original paintings of this iconic artist. They will introduce you to a whole cast of characters – sometimes peculiar, sometimes recognizable; but all masterpieces in their own right. In addition, you can discover about a dozen works by Bruegel’s sons and other followers, which allow you to further explore his brilliant artistic work.
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Virtual exhibitions


Birth, the virtual exhibition of Belspo
Science and Culture at the Royal Palace of Brussels

Unfortunately, the 2020 edition of the Science and Culture exhibition at the Royal Palace cannot take place in situ. However, Belspo devised an alternative but original route, adapted to the circumstances, through a virtual exhibition.
And why not? The Federal Scientific Institutions offer a route through a selection of works of art, objects or films on the theme of "Birth". They are followed by Sciensano, CINEMATEK, the National Geographical Institute (NGI) and two departments of Belspo.

Through the virtual exhibition Birth, the Federal Scientific Institutions (FWI) offer the general public the opportunity to explore a broad thematic framework, including works of art, natural specimens and phenomena, scientific research topics and archival documents or photographs.

The theme of birth and origin in the broadest sense is a recurring theme in many researchers working in sometimes very diverse fields, including astrophysicists, historians, archaeologists, biologists, doctors, geologists and palaeontologists. From their respective fields, they look at the theme of birth from their own specific point of view. How did the universe, heaven and earth come into being? How does a living being come to life? How do natural phenomena arise? What cultural practices are associated with birth and how do they understand it? Why are documents kept as birth certificates?
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Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

The RMFAB invite themselves into your home and help you escape the isolation! Discover here, alone or with the whole family, everything you need for a virtual journey through art history.
> Fine Arts at Home

Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

KIK-IRPA offers you the opportunity to discover all the works of Jan Van Eyck in high resolution, as well as a collection of more than 700,000 photos of Belgium's cultural heritage in free access.
BALaT, our online database
Discover the œuvre of Jan Van Eyck online

Royal Museums for Art and History

The KMKG-MRAH invites you to explore its collections.
Masterpieces online

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

If you can’t come to our Museum anymore during this lockdown (light), we have to bring the Museum to your living room!
> NaturalsciencesAtHome


The importance of digitising museum collections became even more apparent during the closure of museums due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Museum collections in 2D+ and 3D
Cast your eyes over a series of 27 collections on various themes relating to history and cultural anthropology.
Spotlight on the collections
Join us as we walk around the labs, offices and archives of the Royal Museum for Central Africa to meet the scientists who work here.
AfricaMuseum Podcast

Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

Rather than adapting our environment, today we are learning to adapt ourselves. For the duration of the period of confinement, the Royal Belgian Institute is adapting its slogan from "Science between Heaven and Earth" to "Science between Heaven and Home". We'll be sharing with you the little things that brighten our days in our new life and work routines.
Science between heaven and home


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