Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (KMI-IRM)

After the nightly news, the ratings soar for the weather forecast. Where does the media get their information? From the Royal Meteorological Institute, of course.

The Royal Meteorological Institute is a reference in Belgium. Everyone knows the RMI for its weather forecasts but we do much more than that. The KMI-IRM is the national center for data and knowledge on weather and climate.

The KMI-IRM totally focuses on his tasks of public duty. These tasks consist of providing general weather forecasts, to broadcast warnings for dangerous weather conditions, to keep an eye on our climate, to gather, validate and archive meteorological and geophysical data, to manage the necessary infrastructure due its activities, to develop numerical models and scientific research..

The KMI-IRM runs 24 hours a day and combines infrastructure, technique, science and public duty. The products and services of the RMI follow higher quality standards.


Scientific Services

This division delivers trustworthy meteorological data, data about the composition of the atmosphere and it contributes to the development of new observation methods for public services and scientific research.

Weather forecasts
This department is responsible for delivering the weather forecasts and the warnings.

Information processing and IT support
Expansion of an evolving, up-to-date and reliable IT and telecommunication infrastructure that, with appropriate support to the users, enables to carry out optimal operational and scientific, creates an environment that allows standardized processing and exchange of information and data and developing new methods and stimulating their applications.

Meteorological and climatological research
This Department consists of three sections: Hydrometeorological Modeling, Dynamic Meteorology and Climatology, Risk Analysis and Sustainability..

Meteorological and climatological service
Providing meteorological, climatological and hydrological services on a continuous, reliable, contemporary and adapted manner to the wishes of the customer, in consideration of the safety and the informing of the population, meeting the needs and wishes of users and increasing the public perception of the Institute.

KMI-IRM in Dourbes
Reliable innovative measurements and research in Geomagnetism, Ionosphere and related fields for scientific, industrial and public communities.


Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Ringlaan 3 Avenue Circulaire
B-1180 Brussels
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Agenda: conferences, symposia and Exhibitions

In 2017 the Institute underwent a peer review. A summary of the evaluation can be found in the ‘Management Summary‘.