Royal Observatory of Belgium (KSB-ORB) and the Planetarium

The Royal Observatory of Belgium is a scientific research institute, which also provides a wide range of services.

Researchers study the planet Earth and other, near and distant objects in space. Scientists at the observatory are involved in the following fields: astronomy, astrophysics, geophysics, seismology, space geodesy and solar physics. The KSB-ORB also collaborates with a great many international centres.

The following tasks fall under the category of service activities: date and time service, management of the Belgian seismological network, gravimetric measurement, permanent monitoring of solar activity, space meteorological outlooks and the dissemination of information on a variety of astronomic phenomena.

The Royal Observatory of Belgium also runs the Planetarium on the Heysel.

The Planetarium

How breathtaking the display of thousands of twinkling stars in the depths of a clear night. Can you find the Big Dipper, follow the North Star, or make out Orion? Can you distinguish Venus from a star? Where do comets come from and where are they going?

The Planetarium, a magical place, is known for its large dome (at a diameter of more than 23 metres, one of the largest in Europe). A faithful reproduction of the firmament is given by projecting it onto a dome-shaped screen.

The public benefits from a projection room, equipped with advanced technology composed of eight projectors covering completely the dome. The visitors are thus immersed into an impressive 840 square meter image, furthermore with it’s astronomical database of more than 100.000 stars it becomes possible to travel from Planet to Planet, even flying over the surface of easy one, or admire the Earth as seen from Space.

This magnificent piece of technology alone is worth the visit.


Royal Observatory of Belgium
Ringlaan 3 Avenue Circulaire
B-1180 Brussels
  +32 (0)2 373 02 11

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Agenda: conferences, symposia and Exhibitions

In 2017 the Institute underwent a peer review. A summary of the evaluation can be found in the ‘Management Summary‘.

In 2017 the Planetarium underwent a peer review. A summary of the evaluation can be found in the ‘Management Summary‘.