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Database of research projects INVENT

As part of the competencies of the federal authorities, the Federal Science Policy is creating a permanent inventory of scientific potential in the Belgian public institutions. To make the information contained in this inventory available, with the main goal of establishing partnerships between researchers and/or industry, the Federal Science Policy has developed a database, "INVENT", and a search tool.

INVENT offers three consultation possibilities: data searches can be made on: :

INVENT gathers all the research data collected by:

The Federal Science Policy cannot make direct changes to the data provided by the two Communities. The data is also available on the websites of the abovementioned Communities, and are provided to them in turn by universities. Please refer to the e-mail addresses above for any possible corrections.

The indexing of units by discipline was carried out by the Science Policy office (e-mail: pure sciences, human sciences).

Important note: the definition of research unit may vary widely from one university to another, ranging from large departments to small laboratories. INVENT is an information tool only and does not allow for a quantitative or qualitative evaluation.

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