Belgium-China cooperation in the domain of science and technology

BILATERAL CALL Belgium-China to support RESEARCH PROJECTS (2023)

Research areas

  • Biodiversiteit BIO (focus ‘Nature-based solutions (NbS)’)
  • Climate Change CLIM (focus ’Co-designing climate services with stakeholders’).


Within the framework of the ‘Agreement on the development of economic, scientific and technological cooperation between the Belgian-Luxemburg Economical Union and the People's Republic of China (25/11/1979). BELSPO and MOST (administrations in charge of the implementation of the agreements) agreed on jointly organizing a call in mid-June 2023 to support research projects.

This call is open to all research subjects that fall under one of the two following conditions:

  • They are linked to projects that are or have been supported by one of BELSPO's research programmes or actions (projects started ≥2015): BRAIN I and BRAIN II(including JPI, ERAnet or CO-Fund like actions), STEREO, UNESCO-MAB or by BELSPO funded bi- or trilateral actions.
  • They are related to (ongoing) projects of our federal scientific institutions.

How can you apply?

All information can be find in the Call information document, including a checklist  allowing you to check the eligibility of your proposal.
For submission of the proposal, please use the application form.


14 September 2023, 15 h (E.T).

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria are the following:

  • Scientific quality of the proposal
  • Quality of the network
  • Potential impact for science, society and decision-making
  • Adequacy of resources (value for money, along with the workplan adequacy and feasibility)

In case you would have remarks or complaints with regard to the call: online complaint form.